Our Vision.

Nufab Engineering Ltd was formed in 2010 to offer quality goods and services to a wide variety of industries. We aim to work closely with each customer in terms of process improvements, cost reduction and to offer functional design solutions.


Continued investment in state-of-the-art capital equipment has ensured that NUFAB will continue to break new ground in a highly competitive market......

Our Solution.

It is crucial that our customers keep their competitive edge. Components that don’t work stop work. That’s why at NUFAB Engineering Ltd we implement a stringent plan of predictive and preventative maintenance and quality control.


From receipt of raw materials through to customer delivery, regular and rigorous inspection ensures that...........

Our Services.

Our Cutting, Forming, Machining, Joining and Finishing capabilities are summarised as follows:


¨ Trumpf CNC Laser Cutting

¨ 4 metre x 2 metre

¨ 20mm thick mild steel capacity

¨ 10mm thick stainless steel capacity

¨ 6 mm thick aluminium capacity

¨ CNC Profile Gas Cutting..........

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